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Company Prospect

 Our company is making a start to manage Urban-type Serviced Apartments in Myanmar as a real estate developer by selling lodgment space rights.

 In the future, we will expand our business worldwide, including Serviced Apartments, Resort Condominiums, Resort Hotels (with Golf Course) offering Japanese High Quality architecture, interior, and services, in addition to our Real Estate businesses.


 From now on, we will live a borderless age, but still we, Japanese obviously seek high quality accommodation services same as in Japan.


 We are planning to develop Urban-type Services Apartments in the regions where many companies from Japan and Western countries are moving into (e.g. Myanmar,

Malaysia, Singapore etc. Southeast Asian countries).

And Resort Condominiums and Hotels in the attractive regions which are not exploited enough yet (e.g. European countries such as Greece, Italy, and Caribbean countries like Cuba, Panama, and Guam, Saipan etc.) .


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